Jay Beaulieu

Good coaches are player-centered, not self-centered

I’m committed to helping you build fruitful professional relationships and create a work life that you feel great about.

My Story

About me

My cardinal measure of personal success is the success of my clients. The time spent in session with you and the progress we make towards your goals is what this is all about for me.

You are the main character of this production.

What training and experience qualifies me to help you navigate the social aspects of work in the 21st century?

Qualifications & Certifications

Boston College, Magna Cum Laude

Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from USC

Certified Professional Coach (CPC), the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through iPEC as well

I have five years of experience at the world’s largest asset manager as well experience at various startups, including the world’s leading digital coaching platform.

As great as your coach’s ideas may be

if you don’t connect with their personality, you won’t get the conversational traction required to create genuine progress.

While experience and methodology are a big part of what a professional coach brings to the table, a coach’s personality is just as integral as their insights in creating the vehicle for your development.

Ready to embark on your career growth journey?

The Big Five

the gold standard of personality assessments, measures each individual across five dimensions:

Openness to experience





A great friend of mine once told me:

 “Jay, you’re not the boulder type, you never try to conquer others. You're the water type, you always find a way to flow with people.”

I can’t remember what precipitated the comment, but it stuck with me for its accuracy.

What that means for you as a client is that while I certainly won’t sugarcoat what I’m observing in session with you, I’m not one for ruthless intensity or harsh direction. If you’re looking for a coach with a calm and steady wavelength to help you get to where you want to go, I think we’ll work great together.

The only dimension that I’m a bona fide outlier in is the first one - I score 97th percentile in openness to experience. Which is to say that I have an extremely open mind by nature.

So wherever you’re coming from, whatever you’re feeling, whoever you’re mad at or upset with, you can speak freely knowing I’m never going to judge.

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What people say

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Jay transformed my mindset and opened my eyes up to opportunities for career growth I hadn’t even seen were there. With his guidance, I completely changed my approach with my business partners and rehabbed several challenging relationships that I never believed could improve. Leadership took notice. It's been just under two months since our final session and I recently received an out-of-cycle promotion..
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I began working with Jay because I wanted to become a better communicator at work. I felt like my emotions were getting the best of me and sometimes my delivery rubbed people the wrong way. Through his coaching, I’ve learned how to see things from other people’s point of view and approach difficult situations in good faith. I’m now able to self-advocate and express my position much more constructively which has been great for my work relationships..
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I’ve been working with Jay for the last six months and over the course of our relationship he consistently brings his best self to our sessions. I leave each session feeling heard and challenged as we navigate the ups and downs of my life in tech sales. Jay has an innate ability to be present. He helps me dial down my own internal noise and restore clarity and calm to my operating rhythm so I can stay focused on what matters.

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